A person directly interested in a final decision of the Tribunal may appeal the decision to the Court of Québec.

The appeal is brought by filing a notice of appeal with the Secrétariat, within 30 days from the date of the contested decision. 

Fees for the filing of a notice of appeal are provided for in the Tariff of the Tribunal. The Secrétariat affixes a stamp on the notice to attest the payment of the fees. There are no other charges payable thereafter for filing the notice of appeal with the Court of Québec in the district of Montréal.

The Secrétariat immediately sends the notice to the office of the Court of Québec, together with two copies of the contested decision. The Secrétariat will inform the parties of their file number to the Court of Québec.

Appeals are governed by articles 351 to 390 of the Code of Civil Procedure, taking into account the necessary adaptations.  However, the parties are required to file only two copies of the factum of their pretensions.