You received a notice of presentation informing you of the date, time and place of the hearing. The application to be presented is attached to the notice.

If the notice specifies that the hearing is to be a pro forma hearing, it means the hearing was set in order to determine the date on which the parties will be available to present their evidence, and to see to the administrative management of the case.
If you have good reason for not being available on the date specified in the notice, or if you do not understand the notice received, please contact the Secrétariat as soon as possible.

To have the hearing postponed, you must file an application giving the reasons for the postponement and send it to the opposite party.

The Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal may postpone the hearing to a date as close as possible, if it is of the opinion that the adjournment will not cause unreasonable delay or may foster a settlement.

During the hearing, the Tribunal may postpone the hearing on the written or oral request of a party.