Practice Division

The Tribunal’s practice division takes place in the Tribunal’s court room on every Thursday, at 2 h 00 pm.

All application must firstly be presented pro forma to the Tribunal’s practice division. This hearing aims to fix the date(s) of the hearing on the matter of the application, or to agree upon some administrative consideration of the file.

So that an application can be registered on the role of the Tribunal’s practice division, it must be filed at the latest on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm preceding the holding of this one. The notice of presentation,  the payment of the due fees as well as the returns of service must be filed along with it.

Happening a late or incomplete deposit and the absence of justifying motives to be heard by preference, the demand shall be fixed to a subsequent practice division, which must be specified  in a new notice of presentation served on the interested parties and filed with the Tribunal according to the same modalities previously mentioned.