Type of hearings

The Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal can hold different types of hearings:

  1. Ex parte hearing

    An ex parte hearing takes places in the presence of the applicant without the respondent being informed of the hearing.

    The applicant must establish that it is imperative to hold such a hearing.In such a case, the respondent has 15 days after the decision is rendered to file a notice of contestation of the decision with the Tribunal.

  2. Pro forma hearing

    The purpose of this type of hearing is to determine the date on which the application will be heard, depending on the availability of the tribunal, the parties and their witnesses, and to discuss administrative case management. In general, only the parties or their represententatives need be present at this stage. Generally, this type of hearing is held before the Tribunal's pratice division.

  3. Pre-hearing conference

    The purpose of a pre-hearing conference is to plan the conduct of the proceedings and the development of the evidence, and to examine all questions conducive to simplifying or shortening the conduct of the hearing. 

  4. Hearing on the merits

    A hearing on the merits enables parties to present their evidence, have witnesses heard and make their representations.