Notice of presentation

Every application must firstly be presented pro forma to the Tribunal’s practice division. This hearing aims to fix the date(s) of the hearing on the matter of the application, or to agree upon some administrative consideration of the file.

This notice of presentation must be served with the application.

The notice of presentation must contains the following informations :

  • the file’s number (for an application in a pending proceeding);
  • the parties identification;
  • a reference to the application being the object of the presentation in the practice division;
  • the right of the parties to be assisted or represented by a lawyer and the obligation for a legal entity or an entity having no legal entity to be represented;
  • dates of the presentation of the demand as well as the courtroom;
  • the power of the Tribunal to proceed on the merits, without further delay or notice, despite the absence of a party.

We invite you to use this Form (only available in French) to prepare your notice.