Distribution of information (French only)

Distribution of information

Under the Regulation respecting the distribution of information and the protection of personal information, public bodies must distribute certain information on their website.

By the way, to know the wage, indemnities and annual allowances of the ministry and or the cabinet director and any superior employees, please click on this hyperlink: http://www.acces.mce.gouv.qc.ca/salaires/index.asp.

This section provides direct access to the documents and information that must be distributed:

  • Organization chart (Only in French)
  • Person in charge of access to documents and the protection of personal information

    Mtre Sylvain Lippé

    Contact information

  • Classification plan (Only in French)
  • Inventory of personal information files (Only in French)
  • Register of releases of personal information (Only in French)
  • Documents of interest for public information purposes
    • Studies, research and statistical reports

      No studies or research reports are currently published.

    • Documents sent under a request for access

      See the website in French for those documents.

    • Public register

      The Tribunal does not keep public registers.

    • Documents tabled in the National Assembly

      Annual reports. (Only in French)

    • Draft regulations published in the Gazette officielle du Québec

      No draft regulations for which the Tribunal is responsible are currently published.

  • Various sections of our website include a description of our services. 
  • Statutes, regulations and documents
  • Information about contracts

    Section 22 of the Act respecting contracting by public bodies stipulates that contracts in excess of $25 000 must be published. Such contracts, as well as any notices of calls for tenders and tender documents, must be published on the electronic tendering system (SEAO).