Our mission


The Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal assumes, in the public interest, the role of tribunal in the areas prescribed by legislation. It must determine parties' rights and obligations within the framework of impartial, public hearings.


The Tribunal is a modern, dynamic entity that asserts its independence and impartiality, and whose members are known for their expertise. 


In carrying out its mission, the Tribunal focuses on the following values:

  • Service

    Provide quality, efficient justice at every stage of the quasi-judicial process.

  • Impartiality

    Demonstrate neutrality and objectivity.

  • Respect

    Show mutual respect, a willingness to listen at all times, and courtesy.

  • Recognition

    Have a fair picture of each person, and emphasize each person's personal and team contributions. 

  • Competence

    Develop its skills, and maintain and pass on its knowledge.

  • Team spirit

    Ensure cooperation among employees so that everyone works together to achieve the Tribunal's mission.