To summon a witness

A party wishing to summon a witness must do so by means of a subpoena signed by the  attorney representing the party.

The subpoena must be served at least 10 days before the date of the hearing, unless the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal allows a shorter time for service in a case of urgency.

If you are not represented by an attorney and you wish to summon a witness to a hearing before the Tribunal:

  • you must contact the Secrétariat, which will prepare a subpoena signed by a member of the Tribunal;
  • you must indicate any documents you wish the witness to bring with him or her; 
  • you must have the subpoena served by bailiff on the person you wish to call as a witness.

You are summoned as a witness

A person called on to testify may be assisted by an attorney of the person's choice.

Witnesses are authorized to testify only if they have been sworn.

Allowances for witnesses

Indemnities are paid to witnesses in accordance with the Regulation respecting indemnities and allowances payable to witnesses summoned before courts of justice. Indemnities are paid by the party that summons the witness.

After you testify, hand in your subpoena at the reception desk of the Tribunal, so as to attest to your presence at the hearing. You will then be able to claim costs from the party that summoned you.