Appear by yourself

You received a notice summoning you to a hearing before the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal. You have the right to appear personally, that is, without counsel.

If you do not wish to be represented by an attorney, make sure you:

  • properly understand the notice of presentation and the attached application;
  • summon your witnesses properly;
  • prepare the questions you want to ask them;
  • compile the documents you wish to file;
  • prepare enough copies of the documents you wish to submit to the tribunal—a a copy for each party to the case, a copy for each member of the tribunal and a copy for the Secrétariat of the Tribunal;
  • prepare your arguments, which must be supported by the evidence presented to the tribunal through the testimony of witnesses and documents. 

However, if a legal person (such as your company, if you have one) is contemplated by the application, you cannot represent it before the Tribunal: it must be represented by counsel.