Notice of contestation

Before rendering a decision that may adversely affect the rights of a person, the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal must give the person an opportunity to be heard.

However, a decision adversely affecting the rights of a person may be rendered without a prior hearing, where it is imperative to do so. In that case, the decision is rendered further to a hearing known as an ex parte hearing.

In such a case, the person concerned has 15 days after the decision is rendered to file a notice of contestation (only available in French) with the Tribunal. 

You were served with a decision rendered by the Tribunal under section 115.9 of the Act respecting the Autorité des marchés financiers and you wish to contest the decision. You must therefore file a notice of contestation with the Secrétariat within 15 days after the decision was rendered. You must attach a notice of presentation (only available in French) for a pro forma hearing at the practice division of the Tribunal.

Contact the Secrétariat for more information on the procedure.